C9 Storage

An open plan workstation featuring the most beautiful desk, a bending power rail, and essential mobile storage components.

c9 storage

Creating a more human office

We designed C9 for real people who work best at their desk. To imagine a new furniture system, Watson explored the open plan for insights. The truth is, while the open plan works some of the time, privacy and focus are diminished. We studied enclosure and openness to understand how they influence individuals and teams. The result is a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning -- bending space, improving sightlines, and helping people to flow more organically.

Olli, the work trolley for me

Transforming work one person at a time.

C9 Storage
C9 storage

Meet Olli.

Olli seeks to establish a deep personal connection with the user. As the work companion and home to personal gear. Olli brings rich functionality to mobile storage. A steel work tray lifts up and out to reach the desk surface in one fluid motion. And Olli's full of useful surprises to be discovered, like the hidden tray box or the handy bag hook.

Olli may also be used as collaborative seating with laptops for when teams pull trolleys together. This open-ended use brings mobile storage out from under the desk and into the open plan.

C9 Storage

Design Details

  • Construction in formed steel expresses high craftsmanship
  • 4-bar linkage is robust with gas-assist lift/close for smooth operation and snap shut handle release
  • E-leather latch handle grip
  • Removable pencil tray reveals hidden compartment beneath
  • Integrated file storage and waterfall pencil well within
  • Textile seat specifiable in all Watson fabrics
C9 Storage

Cart and Garage

The essential side storage for C9 is the mobile Cart that docks into it's own Garage. The Cart features adjustable shelves, file storage, and dual coat hook.

C9 Storage
c9 storage
C9 Storage

About Cart

  • Available in one size with laminate face
  • Non-handed perforated steel side panel
  • Adjustable-height shelves
  • Incorporates file storage
  • Dual-sided coat hook

About Garage

  • Available in one size with textile or laminate side panels
  • Perforated steel rear face
  • Add-on Toppers for personal storage and privacy
  • Secure locking for the Cart
C9 Storage