C9 Meeting Tables

Stand alone or endless runs.

c9 meeting

Creating a more human office

We designed C9 for real people who work best at their desk. To imagine a new furniture system, Watson explored the open plan for insights. The truth is, while the open plan works some of the time, privacy and focus are diminished. We studied enclosure and openness to understand how they influence individuals and teams. The result is a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning -- bending space, improving sightlines, and helping people to flow more organically.

Stand alone or endless runs.

The C9 Meeting Tables work across the office without boundaries. Fusing function and beauty, the slender profile fits neatly into the modern aesthetic of today’s working spaces. Wherever teams gather, the fixed-height tables can handle seated, counter, and bar height worklife with plenty of power options.

C9 meeting
C9 meeting

Power smart.

A beautiful perforated steel cable tower shrouds wiring to the floor. And the in-surface Dual-hinge XL power packs ample capacity for power and wires. For lighter duty, the clip-on cable channel and under surface cable tray organize the messy things with ease.

C9 meeting
C9 meeting

Meet ups.

The best friend to teams working here and there, the Monitor Mount attaches easily to the steel frame and provides a small shelf to stash the remote. Designed to hold up to a 55" monitor.

Desk Designer

Meet the Meeting Table Designer

The C9 Meeting Tables’ distinctly Scandinavian flair comes courtesy of Morten Nikolajsen, a Danish furniture designer with a technical engineering background. Morten always strives for designs that accommodate dynamic changes in the modern work environment. That’s one of the many reasons he’s a great fit for Watson.

Morten Nikolajsen

Mohoni Studio, Svendborg, Denmark