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Our Story

We are builders.

Our Guiding Principles

We don't believe in mission statements, but we are on a mission. Here's how we'll get there.

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    Built Here

    All our products are manufactured at the Orchard, our 34 acre forested headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. This state-of-the-art facility converts regionally sourced raw materials to finished goods through advanced CNC machining processes and superior handcraft.

  • distinctive furniture

    Distinctive Product

    Each of our product lines are engineered for unmatched simplicity, beauty and durability. Our design process revolves around users' needs and sustainable manufacturing processes. View our product line…

  • practical environmentalism

    Practical Environmentalism

    We believe we should return this world in better condition than we found it. We adhere to the concept of Practical Environmentalism in which our aggressive pursuit to minimize impact on our planet is achieved within a disciplined structure of environmental and financial accountability. Learn more…

  • passionate people

    Passionate People

    We believe in the dignity of the working woman and man. We foster this dignity by providing competitive compensation and benefits, sharing our profits and maintaining high expectations.

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    Financial Stability

    Maintaining a strong cash position and avoiding debt enables us to thrive in economic downturns and invest in cutting edge manufacturing techniques and responsible growth.

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    Continuous Improvement

    We take great pride in maintaining a culture of continuous improvement that encompasses all aspects of our business, from product design to manufacturing and customer service to management.