practical environmentalism

Practical Environmentalism

“We believe we should return the Earth in better condition than we found it.”

- Clif McKenzie, Watson CEO

Sustainable Materials

Watson is committed to “doing good” rather than simply “feeling good.” At the core of this philosophy, is finding practical and economical solutions to sourcing recycled materials and manufacturing sustainable products.

  • environment wood


    The NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) Substrate used in our desks and storage components are 92% recycled industrial by-product from Northwest milling operations.

    Prominent Supplier Location: Eugene, OR

  • environment steel


    The cold-rolled steel used in table bases and brackets is created from recycled auto parts. All of our steel is 100% recyclable.

    Prominent Supplier Location: Fontana, CA

  • environment textiles


    Watson privacy screens are upholstered in 100% post-consumer recycled polyester made from reclaimed plastic bottles.

    Prominent Supplier Location: Guilford, ME

  • environment laminate


    Our GreenGuard certified laminates are comprised of phenolic resin and kraft paper and contain 22% recycled content.

    Prominent Supplier Location: Temple, TX

  • environment adhesives


    Watson uses only nontoxic, water-based adhesives that emit low to no VOCs.

  • environment edgebanding

    Edge Banding

    All Watson edgebanding is made from the safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly Poly-propylene.

    Prominent Supplier Location: Ohrdruf, Germany

Regional Sourcing

Watson is committed to sourcing materials regionally. Local sourcing supports our economy and reduces carbon emissions associated with transporting materials long-distance.

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